Yoga & Fitness Class Descriptions

Functional Movement Yoga

Combines slow, strengthening, yet healing movements, breathing, and relaxation.  Muscles are reprogrammed using brain to muscle re-education to dissolve chronic pain, improve range of motion, and regain strength and control.    

Moderate Yoga is an all-levels class designed to be challenging enough for seasoned yogis and accessible enough for those who have less experience. Modifications (easier form of postures) and variations (more advanced form of postures) are provided to encourage and challenge all. If you are just beginning yoga for the first time, it's a good idea to do a private session first to learn some of the basics and get some personal attention so you're more comfortable in class. You can also bring a friend for half the cost, so it would be $90 for two people instead of $130. First private class is 90 minutes.

Private Yoga

For new students, a private session is recommended before starting your first class, unless there is a Beginner's Series available when
you are ready to start practicing yoga. Private sessions are an ideal way to learn basic poses, proper breathing techniques, and warm
up to the whole intention of yoga before attending a group class. In a private class, a certified teacher will work with your specific needs
and questions. Each session is crafted for you so you will receive the individual attention that is not possible in a group class.  Call for appointment.

Single Private Yoga Session
1-1.5 Hours: $65

Private Session with a Friend
1-1..5 Hours: $90

Forever Young (formerly Bone Builders) with Lou Ann Vancil. This exercise class combines cardio low-impact aerobics, weights, stretching and some yoga, all set to a great selection of music.



One Class/Walk-In:  $15

Newcomer:  3 Classes for $20    Not available for purchase online.  Expires in One Month.

*Special Rates for Frequent Attendance: 

5 Classes for $50.   Expires in Three Months.

*10 Classes for $90.   Expires in Three Months.

*20 Classes for $160.   Expires in Three Months.

*We offer the larger class packs to provide a lower rate for those who attend classes more often, and as an incentive to do so. If you cannot use a 10 or 20 Class Pack within 3 months, please purchase the 5-class pack instead so your classes won't expire before you have the chance to use them all.  

Forever Young Classes:
10 Classes for $45.   Expires in Three Months.

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