Dry Hydrotherapy Bed

 Enjoy a deep state of gravity-free relaxation as your entire body is cradled in and gently floats on a soft pillow of water. Relax mentally and emotionally as the light water massage helps you release muscular and skeletal tension and stress. This soothing 30-minute get-away energizes the entire system and was designed in Europe to give the effects of a full night of sleep. You decide! 

 Please note that the bed is 30" wide and 6'4" long, and has a manufacturer's body weight limit of 250 lbs.


 Precautions & Contraindications

  •  High or Low blood pressure or heart problems of any kind consult physician
  •  Pregnancy-Particular the first and last trimester
  •  Significant obesity *Weight limit of 250 lbs.
  •  Systemic or chronic diseases of any kind, especially cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, seizures, hypo or hyper-thyroidism
  •  Any infection or inflammatory condition
  •  Vascular problems such as phlebitis severe varicose veins of diabetes. 


 5-SERIES FOR $100. Our Series was created to offer a lower price for those who want to use our services on a regular, on-going basis (and not to be shared with others). This series can be used for the Salt Cave, Dry Hydrotherapy Bed, Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, Migun Thermassage Bed, and Ionic Foot Bath

 One session is $25; 5 for $100.  Not shareable with others.


 Please see Cancellation Policy on the Prices & Policies page.

 Please note that all Series Expire 365 days from purchase date.