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Please register online (or call) for classes 12 hours in advance.  If a class is cancelled for low attendance (less than 3), we will notify you by email.  If you decide you'd rather walk in, please re-check the schedule, especially  before a Saturday morning or Wednesday evening class, to be sure it wasn't cancelled.

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Private Yoga

For new students, a private session is recommended before starting your first class, unless there is a Beginner's Series available when
you are ready to start practicing yoga. Private sessions are an ideal way to learn basic poses, proper breathing techniques, and warm
up to the whole intention of yoga before attending a group class. In a private class, a certified teacher will work with your specific needs
and questions. Each session is crafted for you so you will receive the individual attention that is not possible in a group class.

Single Private Yoga Session
1 Hour: $65

Private Session with a Friend
1.5 Hours: $90